AUO and Unisystem – our story

AUO and Unisystem – our story

We must admit that we like to celebrate anniversaries. Today is the opportunity to remind that since 2012 you can find AUO displays in Unisystem`s offer. This Taiwanese dynamically developing manufacturer currently employs over 38,000 people around the world, incl. Mainland China, Japan, Singapore, USA, and Europe.

AUO is also one of the companies included in the Dow Jones World Sustainability Index (DJSI) since 2010. The DJSI awards the best performing companies around the world based on economic, environmental, and social criteria. 

Two product lines

Unisystem`s offer includes General Displays (GD line) and Public Information Displays (PID).

The GD line includes displays in sizes from 3 to 24-inches intended primarily for medical, HMI, and POS applications. The PID line includes displays from 21.5 to 65-inches, which are perfect for transport applications, as carriers of advertising content in public spaces, as well as outdoors due to the high brightness of selected models. In the design process, it is also worth remembering that the MOQ for the GD line products is higher than for PID displays.

Common values

AUO’s ambition is to become a world leader in ecological solutions. In day-to-day activity, the company focuses on innovations that improve the quality of life. Innovation is also inscribed in the company’s values – next to professionalism, striving for excellence, responsibility, honesty, and caring for society. This is what connects us as business partners.

Do you want to know the possibilities of AUO displays? Contact us – we will present an offer for products that perfectly match your project.

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