8.4-inch LCD-TFTs by Winstar designed for extreme temperatures

The WF0840ATWAMLNN0#, WF0840ATWAMLNB0#, WF0840ASWAMLNN0#, and WF0840ASWAMLNB0# models are well suited for specific industrial applications – thanks to their wide operating temperature range of -30 to 80°C.

The WF0840ATWAMLNN0#, WF0840ATWAMLNB0#, WF0840ASWAMLNN0#, and WF0840ASWAMLNB0# are 8.4-inch LCD-TFTs with a 4:3 aspect ratio and 1024×768 px resolution. They all feature IPS panels which make the displayed content readable regardless of the viewing angle (80°/80°/80°/80°). Two models in the series are described as “high brightness versions” that can operate in intensely lit interiors. Their brightness levels are 1000 cd/m2 for the WF0840ASWAMLNN0# and 800 cd/m2 for the WF0840ASWAMLNB0# (compared to the brightness of the other models: 500 cd/m2 for the WF0840ATWAMLNN0# and 400 cd/m2 for the WF0840ATWAMLNB0#). Winstar adds a touch feature to the WF0840ATWAMLNB0# and WF0840ASWAMLNB0# versions by integrating projected capacitive touch panels (PCAP). All these models use an LVDS interface for data transmission.

Exposing the liquid crystals (out of which LCD-TFT displays are built) to temperatures that exceed manufacturers’ recommendations can lead to temporary failure or even permanent damage to the display. Because of their wide temperature range (-30 to 80°C), the WF0840A series is a perfect solution for applications where resistance to extremely low or high temperatures is desired.

The following chart compares the key parameters of the Winstar WF0840A series:

seriesWF0840 seriesWF0840 seriesWF0840 seriesWF0840 series
resolution1024 x 768 px1024 x 768 px1024 x 768 px1024 x 768 px
aspect ratio4:34:34:34:3
active area170.8032 (H) × 128.1024(V) mm170.8032 (H) × 128.1024(V) mm170.8032 (H) × 128.1024(V) mm170.8032 (H) × 128.1024(V) mm
brightness500 cd/m2400 cd/m21000 cd/m2800 cd/m2
viewing angles80°/80°/80°/80° (IPS)80°/80°/80°/80° (IPS)80°/80°/80°/80° (IPS)80°/80°/80°/80° (IPS)
outline dimensions199.5 × 149.0 × 11.5 mm199.5 × 149.0 × 14.3 mm199.5 x 149.0x 11.5 mm199.5 x 149.0 x 14.3 mm
operating temperature-30~+80°C-30~+80°C-30~+80°C-30~+80°C
LED lifetime100 000 h100 000 h100 000 h100 000 h
touch panelnoyes, capacitivenoyes, capacitive

All mentioned displays are ROHS compliant.

Due to the brightness level, the WF0840A series displays are suitable for specific industrial applications, primarily in interiors. Moreover, thanks to the wide operating temperature ranges, it is possible to implement those displays in production halls and manufacturing-related environments, such as warehouses and cold stores.

Furthermore, the high-brightness versions (WF0840ASWAMLNN0# and WF0840ASWAMLNB0#) will work well for outdoor applications, like car charging stations, ticket machines, and parking meters, if they are set in roofed areas.

Is the WF0840A series the right choice for the developed device? Contact us – we will be happy to help you find the optimal solution customized to the designed application. 

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