Advanced solution by Litemax – LCD with Intel® processors

Advanced solution by Litemax - LCD with Intel® processors

Litemax, one of the most important partners of the Unisystem for 10 years, offers solutions that use the latest technologies. It is worth taking a closer look at the models from this manufacturer that can act as integrated media players – this is possible thanks to the use of the Intel® Smart Display Module system.

We have already covered the various Litemax solutions for digital signage – both non-standard products of the Spanpixel series and the Durapixel displays with extended LED lifetime. LCDs compatible with the Intel® Smart Display Module (SDM) are available in both those product series. An intelligent module added to the Unisystem’s offer that uses this solution is the 43-inch DLS4302-B.

About Intel® Smart Display Module

The Intel® Smart Display Module system is used by the latest displays, where the thinness of the model and its energy efficiency are essential. The Intel® SDM System is available in two sizes – Intel® SDM Large (Intel® SDM-L) and Intel® SDM Small (Intel® SDM-S). This allows for the creation of scalable “all-in-one” solutions – thanks to this, it is possible to implement them cost-effectively into basically any project. The management of such integrated media players is also much more convenient. Intel® SDM does not have housing, to be fully integrated with basically any kind of digital signage system. Models equipped with such systems will work exceptionally well in gastronomy, hospitality, healthcare, and education.

Full viewing angles, energy efficiency, and local dimming

DLS4302-B also features the use of local dimming technology, often applied by Litemax in their displays. It adapts the LED-backlight to the displayed picture, enhancing the difference between bright and dark areas. This increases the depth of black and contrast and reduces the amount of electricity consumed by the display. Combining energy efficiency with wide viewing angles, the described 43-inch model guarantees maximum readability and accessibility of the displayed information.

The table below presents the essential parameters of DLS4302-B by Litemax:

aspect ratio16:9
active area940.7(H) x 529.2(V) mm
brightness400 cd/m2
contrast ratio1200:1
viewing angles6:00, 12:00, full
interfaceLVDS, DP, HDMI
outline dimensions964.7(H) x 553.1(V) x 77.5(D) mm
operating temperature0-50℃
weight23 kg
specialIntel® SDM, local dimming

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