Almost 50-inch display for digital signage from AUO

Almost 50-inch display for digital signage from AUO

AUO introduces the second version of the display, already available in Unisystem’s offer – it is the next step in the evolution of solutions for the digital signage area. The 49.5-inch P495IVN02.0 is a hiogh brightness display with  hiTNI technology, which makes it perfect for many applications.

The P495IVN02.0 model offers high brightness (2500 cd/m2), high contrast (4000: 1), and wide viewing angles (89°/89°/89°/89°). The hiTNI technology used prevents changes in the state of liquid crystals in the screens due to solar radiation and high temperatures. This significantly reduces the risk of “black spots” on the active area of the display – thanks to this, it will work well even in intensely lit places.

When presenting content in outdoor applications, the operating temperature range of the display should be considered – it works without an issue in the range from -10 to 50°C. The screen should therefore be provided with additional cooling and heating sources in case of temperature extremes occurrence in winter or summer.

The most important parameters of the described model are presented in the table below:

aspect ratio16:4.5
active area1209.6(H)x340.2(V) mm
brightness2500 cd/m2
contrast ratio4000
viewing angles89°/89°/89°/89°
surface treatmentanti-glare, 3H
LED lifetimeą50 000 h
outline dimensions1237.4(H)x368(V)x 25.1(D) mm
weight6400 g
operating temperature-10-50°C

Such a wide display will be of great value as an information carrier in digital signage systems, both in commercial implementations and the public sector. Due to the significant size of the screen and its increased brightness, the possibilities are many – from placing it in the means of public transport, using it as an information carrier in offices, clinics, and hospitals, to making them the focal points of storefronts.

In addition, the LED lifetime – a minimum of 50,000 h – along with any screen orientation option, makes it possible to customize the described model to all needs.

Contact us for more information on the given and other digital signage solutions from AUO.

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