Bright and durable LCDs by Litemax

Bright and durable LCDs by Litemax

Some time ago we wrote about the addition of new Litemax Spanpixel series solutions to Unisystem’s offer, great for digital signage systems. This time, our catalog is joined by several models from Durapixel series – the 1566-I, 1568-I and 1569-I – characterized not only by an exceptionally long lifetime but also by increased brightness.

The most important feature of the Durapixel series is the long lifetime without failure, as much as 100,000 hours. The standard lifetime for “normal” LCDs is between 30,000 and 70,000 hours. Such a long service life allows the implementation of all models from the 1566-I, 1568-I and 1569-I series as solutions for PID (Public Information Display) systems, due to the possibility of continuous operation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that such a display can work, basically non-stop, for over 10 years.

The differences between DLF, DLH and DLD

The Unisystem offer is joined by a total of nine LCDs from the 1566-I, 1568-I and 1569-I series, which differ in additional equipment. Each of the available product variants, shown below on the example of the 1566-I series, allows to choose the very best one for the given project:

  • DLF1566-I („F”) stands for LCD panel with the LED Driving Board; this product can be manipulated by V-by-One interface;
  • LH1566-I („H”) is a DLF solution with an additional built-in AD Board that also supports other interfaces, such as, for example, VGA, DVI, or DP;
  • DLD1566-I („D”) is a DLH solution with all of the electronics housed in an enclosure.

High brightness and temperature resistance

Models from not only the series mentioned above but also the other two, are distinguished by a wide operating temperature range (between -30 ℃ to even 85 ℃) and high brightness (up to 1600 cd/m2). This means that those displays will suit both indoor and outdoor as information carriers – at stations, airports and public transport in general, as well as in trade or hotel industry and gastronomy. They will also work well in kiosks in any chosen location (fuel dispensers, ticket machines, parking meters, self-service cash registers) or even in the medical industry.

The table below presents the essential parameters of each model:

modelDLD1566-IDLF / DLH1566-IDLD1568-IDLF / DLH1568-IDLD1569-IDLF / DLH1569-I
aspect ratio16:916:94:34:316:916:9
active area344.16(H) x 193.59(V) mm344.16(H) x 193.59(V) mm304.1(H) x 228.1(V) mm304.1(H) x 228.1(V) mm344.16(H) x 193.59(V) mm344.16(H) x 193.59(V) mm
brightness1200 cd/m21200 cd/m21600 cd/m21600 cd/m21800 cd/m21800 cd/m2
contrast ratio1000:11000:16500:16500:11200:11200:1
viewing angle170°(H),170°(V)170°(H)170°(V)176°(H)176°(V)176°(H)176°(V)170°(H)170°(V)170°(H)170°(V)
interfaceV-by-One, LVDS, DVI, HDMI, DPV-by-One (for DLF), LVDS, DVI, HDMI, DP (for DLF and  DLH)V-by-One, LVDS, DVI, HDMI, DPV-by-One (for DLF), LVDS, DVI, HDMI, DP (for DLF and  DLH)V-by-One, LVDS, DVI, HDMI, DPV-by-One (for DLF), LVDS, DVI, HDMI, DP (for DLF and  DLH)
outline dimensions369(W) x 221.1(H) x 40.2 (D) mm363.8(W) x 215.9(H) x 9.3(D) mm326.5(W) x 253.5(H) x 31(D) mm326.5(W) x 253.5(H) x 21(D) mm366.3(W) x 221.1(H) x 42.4 (D) mm363.8(W) x 218.86(H) x 13.77(D) mm
operating temperature-30-70℃-30-70℃-30-80℃-30-80℃-30-85℃-30-85℃
LED lifetime100 000 h100 000 h100 000 h100 000 h100 000 h100 000 h
weight2.8 kg1.1 kg1.5 kg1 kg2.5 kg1.5 kg

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