Impressive releases from Litemax

Impressive releases from Litemax

Litemax is proving its expertise in producing high-quality solutions for digital signage. In addition to the Durapixel series, characterized by its extended lifetime, the end-users may pay special attention to the models from the Spanpixel family.

Spanpixel is a series of products in which non-standard shapes and sizes of individual modules are manufactured by cutting elements of the LCD, i.e., glass, polarizers, circuits, or boards. Thanks to this advanced technology, the original efficiency and quality of the given solution are maintained, along with cost optimization – this is exactly what characterizes the models from 2869-Y, 2861-Y, and 2906-Y. They have all been just added to Unisystem’s offer.

SSF, SSH, and SSD – what is it all about? Differences in nomenclature

The catalog has been enriched with a total of 9 models: SSD2861-Y, SSD2869-Y, SSD2906-Y, SSF2861-Y, SSF2869-Y, SSF2906-Y, SSH2861-Y, SSH2869-Y, and SSH2906-Y. All of them stand out by increased brightness (up to 3200 cd/m2), a wide operating temperature range (-20 – 60°C), and a long average failure-free operation time (100 000 hours).

Each model is appropriately highlighted. The letters “F,” “H,” or “D” in the module name describe its additional equipment:

  • SSF – „F” stands for LCD panels with LED Driving Board; these products can be manipulated by one interface, that is, e.g., LVDS;
  • SSH – „H” stands for SSF solutions with AD Boards, which also support other interfaces, e.g., VGA, DVI, HDMI, or DP;
  • SSD – „D” stands for SSH solutions, but the whole electronic is installed in an enclosure.

In the table, we present crucial parameters of each product:

modelSSD2861-YSSD2869-YSSD2906-YSSF2861-Y / SSH2861-YSSF2869-Y / SSH2869-YSSF2906-Y / SSH2906-Y
Active area698.4(H) x 196.425 (V) mm698.4(H) x 196.425 (V) mm698.4(H) x 196.4 (V) mm698.4(H) x 196.425 (V) mm698.4(H) x 196.425 (V) mm698.4(H) x 196.4 (V) mm
brightness3200 cd/m21800 cd/m21200 cd/m23200 cd/m21800 cd/m21200 cd/m2
contrast ratio6000:16300:11200:16000:16300:11200:1
viewing angles178°(H), 178°(V)178°(H), 178°(V)178°(H), 178°(V)178°(H), 178°(V)178°(H), 178°(V)178°(H), 178°(V)
LED life time100 000 h100 000 h100 000 h100 000 h100 000 h100 000 h
outline dimensions734.5(H) x 232.5(V) x 60.1(D) mm734.5(H) x 232.5(V) x 60.1(D) mm734.5(H) x 232.5(V) x 60.1(D) mm731.46(H) x 229.49(V) x 20.34(D) mm731.46(H) x 229.49(V) x 20.34(D) mm731.46(H) x 229.49(V) x 20.34(D) mm
weight5600 g5600 g5800 g2800 g2800 g2700 g
operating temperature-20~60°C-20~60°C0~50°C-20~60°C-20~60°C0~50°C

For digital signage

Litemax often uses hiTNI technology in its solutions – it is no different in the case of the models described in this article. It prevents changing the state of aggregation of the liquid crystals in the screen under the influence of solar radiation and high temperatures. The active area of ​​the LCD screen is thus protected against black spots. This is particularly important when the module is located in a sunny spot (more information about liquid crystals can be found in the article we wrote – here).

Due to its parameters, Litemax solutions can be successfully used in many different applications. The presented content will be readable even in brightly lit rooms thanks to high contrast values of individual models (up to 6300: 1), combined with high brightness and full viewing angles. The operating temperature range from 60 to -20°C allows the outdoor use of these displays.

Such a specification of certain models means that they can be widely used in digital signage systems. The solutions used in the variants described above will prove effective as advertising platforms in retail, as well as key elements of information points in offices or health care facilities. The selected modules’ resistance to external factors also makes them suitable for implementation at bus stops, stations, and airports.

Contact us to learn more about the Spanpixel series and other digital signage solutions by Litemax.

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