Litemax fanless embedded computer series and modular Panel PCs

Famous for high brightness displays, Litemax company has extended the portfolio of intelligent, embedded computers in the housing. There are five types available, which vary in size, type of housing and configuration options. These are perfect for use in medical, industrial, transport applications and difficult environments.

The figure on the left shows the product selection according to the size, processor and performance required.

Litemax panel computers are a combination of the above-described embedded computers with a display in housing. Monitor configuration options:

  • size (10.4”, 12.1”, 15”, 17”, 19”, 21.5”)
  • 250/350/400/500 cd/m2 brightness, in the version with an increased brightness of 1000/1600 cd/m2
  • open frame or closed frame monitor

The customer can freely choose the monitor and computer depending on the application.

To get additional data, please  contact with us.


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