New Riverdi SmartTag e-paper displays are available now!

We are happy to announce that new Riverdi SmartTag e-paper displays are available in Unisystem offer. It is a product line dedicated to intelligent labeling and a result of collaboration with e-paper tag producer Lummico.

SmartTags can easily become electronic shelf labels, due to their cost efficiency, low-energy consumption and easy update.

Thanks to advanced power management system you can use them for years without any battery replacement. They are powered by 3V CR2016 battery but according to the manufacturer, you will do not have to worry about replacement for up to 5 years (when refreshing 5 times per day). The battery should withstand up to 9000 refreshments.

With a mobile application you can easily take control over the screen and convert graphics from popular image formats (*.jpg, *.png, etc.) to the bitmaps that can be uploaded directly to the e-paper smart-tag module through the NFC protocol. The mobile application is available on Android Play Store free of charge.

SmartActions make the module interact with any smartphone supporting NFC, even if the Lummico application is not installed on the device. This functionality can be used, for example, to facilitate connecting to a local Wi-Fi network in a hotel or to convenient check the tracking of a shipment.

Check easy it is:

Riverdi SmartTag will be perfect for all kinds of indoor and outdoor systems – from shelf labels in stores to traffic signs, and restaurant menus.

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