Smart Display – a new series by Winstar

Smart Display – a new series by Winstar

Get to know a new series by Winstar – Smart Display. These are out of the box solutions, which enable you to create a device’s interface on your’s own with a set of standard UI objects such as, e.g., meters and gauges, buttons, sliders, graphs, process progress icons.

As Winstar claims, in the solutions of Smart Display series, you can easily create a device’s interface with a set of standard UI objects – meters and gauges, buttons, sliders, graphs, etc. You just need to know which data would be visualized on the screen and then select and locate the appropriate elements. Moreover, Winstar wants to develop this service by expanding the customer’s base of UI objects by adjusting other elements according to the client’s requirements. You just have to send the project of the necessary elements in .jpg or .png format to Winstar (and then be patient for a while – you will get your UI objects in 3-5 days). In the datasheet of the first model of Smart Display series – WL0F00050000FGAAASA00, there are three exemplary interface’s drafts designed with ready-made UI objects, e.g., an interface of medical applications (made of a graph, four process progress icons, and two buttons).

The purpose of Smart Display solutions is to present and manage the information provided by other devices. The data is gathering with Controller Area Network (CAN bus) supporting CANopen protocol. It is a multi-master standard designed to allow devices to communicate with each other’s applications without a host computer. Every device monitors the network to transmit the data in a frame, which is received by all devices. The data in a frame is transmitted in a row – each message has its unique ID which defines its priority. It is worth noticing that the CAN bus is relatively resistant to interferences.

The CAN bus was created in the eighties of the 20th century for automotive to multiplex electrical wiring within automobiles and reduce the exhaustion of copper. Nowadays, it is also used in other applications, e.g., industry.

The first model of Smart Display series is WL0F00050000FGAAASA00 which consists of an LCD – WF50FTYAGDNG0# (120.7(W)x75.8(H)x4.475(D) mm) and 4-layers PCB (132.7(W)x75.8(H)x1.6(D) mm). We present crucial parameters of WL0F00050000FGAAASA00 in the table:

aspect ratio16:9
brightness400 cd/m2
LCD typeTFT, transmissive
viewing angle80°/80°/80°/80°
surface treatmentglare
LED lifetime50 000 h
active area108×64.8
outline dimensionsLCD – 120.7(W)x75.8(H)x4.475(D) mmPCB – 132.7(W)x75.8(H)x1.6(D) mm
operation temperature-20~70°C
touch panelcapacitive

The solutions of the Smart Display series can be used in the areas that visualize the data gathered with CAN bus, e.g., in various industrial applications.

They can also be applied in automotive, of course. Check the exemplary interface created by Winstar with a set of ready-made UI objects.

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